Jamil Shrine Temple

Columbia, SC


Welcome New Nobles


 Acy Flora        William Campbell

Neil Shepard        Howard Coggins
Damon Lam                      Jeff Hall
James Strickland          Larry Brantzeg
Phil Thompson           George Surles
Joe Thompson


If you are interested in becomming a member of

 Jamil Shrine Temple fill out a petition and send it to Jamil Shrine Temple

206 Jamil Road

 Columbia, SC  29210


You must include with your petition a copy of your current Masonic Blue Lodge Card


Initiation Petition (New Member)

Click  Here


Affiliation Petition (Demitting from another temple)

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Associate Petition (Joint Membership)

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Black Camel

Phillip Hutto                                                                6/19/2014
Samuel Fulmer                                                            6/11/2014

Dennis W. Lamar                              5/7/2014

Robert G. Williams                            5/6/2014

Samuel E. Steele                              4/28/2014

Lindsay M. Barnhart                          4/24/2014

Gene B. Knight                                 4/19/2014

Carl E. Smith                                    4/5/2014

Olin L. Byrd, Jr.                                3/31/2014

Tony E. Dallis                                    3/20/2014

S. C. Chadwell, Jr.                             3/11/2014

Thomas E. Redmond                          2/25/2014

Floyd B. Epperly                                2/17/2014

Paul G. Bryant                                  2/11/2014

John W. "Foots" McCaa                      1/19/2014

Charles R. Browder                            1/7/2014

Billy E. Crumpton                              12/19/2013

Russell M. Dehon                               12/3/2013

Jack L. Mattox                                   11/23/2013

Herbert G. Henrikson                          11/11/2013

Robert J. Brewer                                10/25/2013

Barney F. Brewer, P.P.                       10/20/2013

C. Jack Rogers                                   10/20/2013

Barney F. Brewer, P.P.                        10/20/2013

W. W. Stabler                                    10/02/2013
Charles D. Williamson                         9/24/2013
Grover H. Lynch                                 9/23/2013
Thomas L. Howell, Sr.                         9/05/2013

Billie B. Maples                                   7/24/2013

James E. Stewart                                7/14/2013


Ray P. Turner                                     7/09/2013


Billy E. Mitchum                                  7/05/2013 


Thomas B Smith                                 6/25/2013

Martin H. Price                                    6/22/2013

John L. Curry                                      6/18/2013

Thomas F. Neeley                               5/20/2013

James O. Hall                                     5/17/2013


H. Raymond Aughtry                           5/09/2013


Charles W. Fetner                                5/07/2013

William J.  “Monty” Montgomery, Jr.      4/21/2013


Billy R. Glenn                                      4/21/2013


J. R. Gantt                                          4/12/2013

Charlie R. Nichols                                4/11/2013


Raymond O. Yandle, Jr.                        4/10/2013
Van M. McAlister                                   4/10/2013
Joe E. Chapman                                   4/08/2013
Ronald T. Goodson                               4/02/2013
Rufus F. Thomas                                  3/24/2013


Thomas L. Dillon                                  3/09/2013

John E. Nabors                                     3/07/2013


Thomas L. Fields                                  3/07/2013


William R. Cooke, Sr.                            2/27/2013


Renny Vanbeek                                    2/11/2013
S. L. Cassidy, Sr.                                  1/21/2013


James W. Hollis                                    1/05/2013