Jamil Shrine Temple

Columbia, SC


Welcome New Nobles

Edward A. Grossheim                    Donald J. Hudson
       Britt D. Blackmon                     Raymond E. Craig, Jr.
Harvey D. Drew, III                       Jeremy C. Ellisor  
  Richard J. Greer                                John C. Kelly
  Thomas R. Love                     Daniel C. Martin, Sr.
Jonathan Dc. Mauffray                    Melvin W. Maurer 
Trevor A. Nickel                                Otis L. Paris, Jr.
Michael P. Ray, Jr.                             David J. Smith
George D. Spinks, Jr.


If you are interested in becomming a member of

               Jamil Shrine Temple fill out a Petition           

                                            and send it to

                                    Jamil Shrine Temple

206 Jamil Road

 Columbia, SC  29210


You must include with your petition a copy of your current Masonic Blue Lodge Card


Initiation Petition (New Member)

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Affiliation Petition (Demitting from another temple)

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Associate Petition (Joint Membership)

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